Crowfoot Earrings

Emily Porter with Handmade Bow and Arrows

Primitive Bow and Arrows

Emily Porter, dandelion wine

Oh My! Dandelion Wine!

Emily Porter wearing Buckskin short shorts

Buckskin Short Shorts and Elk Hock Armbands

Rabbitstick Chic

Coring Rosehips for Wild Thanksgiving



First Hide I Tanned: Dry Scrape Method

Emily Porter, Extreme Birdwatching

Extreme Birdwatching

Emily Porter Purple Storm Dress

Upcycled Purple Storm Tee Dress

Emily Porter Gutting a Roadkilled Deer

Butchering Roadkilled Deer with Erika

Emily Porter with Bountiful Harvest

Neighborhood Foraging Bounty

Emily and Jennifer Porter Making a Reed Raft

Tada! Building a Phragmites Reed Raft

Emily Porter with Roadkill Raccoon

Picking Up a Roadkilled Raccoon

Emily Porter, age 16

Which One of These Things is Not Like The Others? Age 16.

Post-Apocalyptic Hunter-Gatherer on Railroad Tracks

America’s Next Top Pre-emptive Post-apocalyptic Model

Emily and Joe with Huckleberry, Thimbleberry, and Salmonberry

Berry Harvest with Joe

Apartment: Rustic-Retro

Nail Keg Creek, Rogue River Valley, OR

Childhood Hike

Home I Grew Up In. Russell, Pennsylvania

Mushroom Hunting with Ariel, Larch Mountain, OR

Bowhunting in Nightdresses Monthly

Past Life

Christmas Card 2008

Christmas Card 2006: No Snow. Built a Compost Man.

Biggest Wild Carrots Eva!

Secret World of Alex Mack: Roadkill Graveyard

Another Bow and Arrow Shot? Come on.

Build a Kayak with TrackersNW

Skinning A Deer

Primitive Ink: Cactus Needle and Charcoal

We Only Date Eagle Scouts

Yarrow Homebrew

The Phragmites Boat in Action

Sis in My Old Tipi

My Two Very Domestic Cats